• How to Be Kind To Your Parents


    Some good stories and narrations that demonstrate the Birr (being dutiful) and kindness of our righteous towards their parents' needs and necessities.

    The ways in which one can show them kindness and respect are many, e.g., visiting them, speaking kindly to them, lowering to them the wing of humility, giving them gifts, and so on. When you go to visit them with the hope of earning reward from Allaah, this is a great form of worship Don't be a Muslim 'activist' if all your activity is going to be outside the home. And don't be an Islamic 'terror' to your family: coming in like a whirlwind, from time-to-time, upsetting your Parents and Family

    Table of Contents:

    Fear of Disobeying One's Parents

    Ingratitude & Denial: Case One

    Ingratitude & Denial: Case Two

    Ingratitude & Denial: Case Three

    Ingratitude & Denial: Case Four

    Different Attitudes

    Some Advice to Disobedient Person

    You Are Simply Being Paid for What You Did

    Shining Examples: Case One

    Shining Examples: Case Two

    Shining Examples: Case Three

    Shining Examples: Case Four

    Shining Examples: Case Five

    Shining Examples: Case Six

    Shining Examples: Case Seven

    Shining Examples: Case Eight

    Shining Examples: Case Nine

    Shining Examples: Case Ten

    Enticements to be Kind to One's Parents

    How to be Kind to One's Parents

    Some Important Advice

    How to Be Kind To Your Parents


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